Example IronPython Test Script

.NET Dynamic Language Runtime


import sys
import unittest
import clr
sys.path.Add('C:\\sut') # folder containing software to be tested

from Polyglot import Greet

class GreetTest(unittest.TestCase):
    softwareUnderTest = Greet
    def testGreet_ShowCsGreeting_GreetWithName(self):     
        self.assertEquals('Hello Brian', self.softwareUnderTest.GreetMe('Brian'), 'Greet Me test')        
    def testGreet_ShowCsGreeting_GreetHello(self):  
        self.assertEquals('Hello World!', self.softwareUnderTest.Hello, 'Greet Hello test')

from Polyglot import Math

class MathTest(unittest.TestCase):
    softwareUnderTest = Math()
    def testMath_Add_Simple(self):
        self.assertEquals(3, self.softwareUnderTest.Add(1,2), 'Simple Add')
    def testMath_Subtract_Simple(self):
        self.assertEqual(3, self.softwareUnderTest.Subtract(5,2), 'Simple Subtract')
    def testMath_Subtract_NegativeResultFails(self):
        with self.assertRaises(ValueError):
            self.softwareUnderTest.Subtract(3, 4)
    def testMath_Results_IsSetAndOrdered(self):
        result1 = 2
        result2 = 3
        result3 = 4
        self.softwareUnderTest = Math()
        self.assertEqual(0, len(self.softwareUnderTest.Results)) # to begin with there are no results
        self.assertEqual(1, len(self.softwareUnderTest.Results)) # after one operation there will be one result
        self.assertEqual(result1, self.softwareUnderTest.Results[0]) # check the result

        # run a couple more operations and check they are stored propery
        self.assertEqual(result3, self.softwareUnderTest.Results[0])
        self.assertEqual(result2, self.softwareUnderTest.Results[1])
        self.assertEqual(result1, self.softwareUnderTest.Results[2])

    if __name__ == '__main__':
    e = sys.exc_info()[0]
    print( "Error: %s" % e )
    clr.ClearProfilerData() # unload the .dll file so the file lock is released

a=raw_input('The end!')

.NET Common Language Runtime

These are the C# classes that have been specified by the preceding test. You will just need to create a C# Class Library project. In the project properties under Build Events, add the following code to the Post Build Event command line:

copy $(TargetPath) C:\sut
copy $(TargetDir)$(TargetName).pdb C:\sut


namespace Polyglot
    public static class Greet
        public static string GreetMe(string name)
            return string.Format("Hello {0}", name);

        public static string Hello { get { return "Hello World!"; } }


using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace Polyglot
    public class Math
        List _results;
        public Math()
            _results = new List();

        public uint Add(uint x, uint y)
            return lastResult = x + y;

        public uint Subtract(uint x, uint y)
            if (y > x)
                throw new System.ArgumentException("Operation would result in a negative result");

            return lastResult = x - y;

        private uint lastResult
                _results.Insert(0, value);

        public uint[] Results
            get { return _results.ToArray(); }

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