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Software Development focuses on creating new software applications and computer systems through the use of programming code and development tools. Consideration needs to be made for the computer systems that will be used to support these new products. Related topics include the business process that employs developers so that they can produce a valuable product.


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Octopus C# Step Templates

Nuget Packages

If you want to create larger step templates for Octopus it is advisable to use C# scripts which come from a nuget package.

  • nuget packages can store dependency DLLs as well as the actual script, allowing you to use third part DLLs and not just those stored in the GAC.
#r "Newtonsoft.Json.dll"
  • separate the script into a number of files, e.g.
#load "pool.csx"


Scripting in C# with Octopus does not work well namespaces or using statements so it’s advisable to qualify the types with their full name instead.

private System.Net.NetworkCredential _devAdminCredentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("admin", "Password123");

Octopus Parameters

Parameters for the step are created via the UI and can be referenced in C#.


It is a good idea to export the step template to JSON so that you have a backup of all the parameters which should be stored in source control.

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